Helicopter Wildlife Services maintains and understands that in order to obtain the highest catch rates and lowest mortalities, no individual crew member, whether it be the pilot or net gunner/mugger, can accomplish these results on their own. Wildlife capture is undoubtably all about TEAMWORK. This is the reason many of the biologists we work with claim that our team at Helicopter Wildlife Services is the best they have ever worked with.


Helicopter Wildlife Services indisputably has the most EXPERIENCED crew in North America. Unlike other capture companies, whose crew members work in wildlife capture seasonally, most of OUR crew members full time careers are in wildlife capture. They catch wildlife twelve months of the year. The U.S. capture season is October through April while other countries seasons are from May through September.

Most of our crew members have worked in the wildlife capture and relocation industry for over 15 years, and have individually caught over 14000 head of wildlife, and handled over 22 species internationally. Many of them have worked with organizations such as the Endangered Wildlife Trust, World Wildlife Foundation and Conservation Corporation, to name a few.

Our crew members are extremely experienced in all aspects of wildlife capture techniques, such as net gun, chemical, coral and passive capture. Many of our crew have obtained international courses in chemical and physical restraint of wildlife enabling them to work with schedule II drugs. They are also factory certified in the safe techniques of net gunning and animal handling.

They are completely proficient in collar fitment, collection of biological and DNA samples, taking body measurements and reading body score conditions. They are experienced in monitoring the onset of hyper and hypothermia, capture myopathy and bloat, which allows them to make a quick crucial decision whether the animal needs to be handled further or released for the sake of the welfare of the animal.