Helicopter Wildlife Services owns and operates a MD500D helicopter under our FAA part 135 Air Operator Certificate and 133 External Load Certificate. We also own and operate a R44II helicopter. These helicopters are in excellent condition and are maintained to the highest standards of maintenance possible. Both these helicopters are the preferred helicopters for use in wildlife capture and allow us to operate safely, efficiently and effectively at most altitudes and varying terrain found through North America. These two helicopters also allow us to be competitive in pricing structures, especially when a state department has a limited budget.

Our helicopters are equipped with all the necessary equipment to conduct wildlife capture safely and efficiently such as:

• Both VHF and FM radios capable of being tuned to state departments frequencies
• “Spider Tracks” the latest detailed Flight following system, allowing agencies to track our helicopters, through the internet, which adds to the safety of the capture operation. Flight following from spider tracks, is always followed by our operations manger from our office.
• Garmin 560 GPS, the latest in touch screen GPS, allows us to get all GPS points and waypoints needed by the agency.
• WING X Pro 7, downloaded to the latest IPAD. This program shows detailed color terrain features of the capture areas, altitudes, co ordinates, track log and so much more. Zoom in and Zoom out features.
• Telemetry equipment for radio tracking.
• Appropriate seat belts and harnesses for the gunners and darters.
• Storage compartments, safety lanyards and gunners bag to store net gunning equipment and secure all loose items.
• Plexi glass fitted to reinforce the bubble, door and windows from net gunning and darting equipment.
• Cargo hook
• External safety handles for gunners to enter and exit safely