All company equipment is in excellent condition. Our fuel truck and trailer have been upgraded and are in brand new condition, they meet the DOT fuel transportation requirements. Our equipment is regularly inspected and maintained in excellent working order. We have enough net gun and darting equipment for any job no matter how big or small. We have a set of nets and canisters that are always cleaned / sterilized and kept for use in known CWD areas. If agency protocol requires, we are able to use new nets and canisters in CWD known areas.

Fuel Truck and Trailers:

Our fuels trucks are new 2015 F250’s crew cab 4WD vehicles, capable of accessing remote locations in most weather conditions. They are equipped with mobile FM radio’s and hand held radios enabling communications with our helicopters when at the staging areas. Cell phone boosters are installed so as to provide cell phone signal in areas with poor signal, this also allows internet access to Spider Tracks, our flight following device.

DOT approved fuels tanks with Aviation pumps and meters, retractable hose and reel, fire extinguishers and toolboxes are fixed in the bed of the truck. A commercial canopy with lockable doors that allow access from both left, right and back of the bed, covers and protects all the fueling equipment from the elements.

Our capture trailers are 6 x 10ft single axle trailers, these trailers are easy to pull into remote locations, thereby allowing for all our capture equipment to be at the staging areas. The interior of the trailers, are custom designed with shelves and storage space to accommodate all our capture equipment. Inverters to charge battery packs, cell phone and other items are installed. The trailer has a generator and heaters for warming and charging and operating other larger equipment.

Capture Equipment:

Helicopter Wildlife Services has two sister company, “Wildlife Capture Equipment” and “Dan Inject Dart Guns” making us the only FULL service provider in the wildlife capture industry. Our equipment can be viewed at the following websites: and

Through these two companies we manufacture and distribute both modern and state of the art net gun and darting equipment. This also allows us to have a continued supply of the best capture equipment at all times.

Our capture equipment consist of:

• Net Guns
• Quick release interchangeable Canisters in to two sizes
• Canister Covers (no masking tape required, keeping the environment clean)
• Knotless Dyneema Nets in various sizes
• Weight lanyards
• Blank Charges in various load sizes
• 8ft Dyneema sling strops
• 25ft Dyneema long lines in deployment bags
• 50ft long lines
• Animal transport bags in various sizes
• Carry stretchers in various sizes
• Hobbles
• Blind folds / hoods in various sizes
• Dart guns
• Darts and needles
• Jabstick / poles syringes
• Drug box with all other darting accessories
• Coyote and Wolf muzzles
• Y poles
• Sterilization kits for nets and canisters and Bio sampling equipment
• Biological bag containing all equipment to obtain biological samples, data cards ear tags, tape measure, weight scale, surgical gloves, thermometers etc.
• Toolboxes, with nut drivers, collar cutter and resizer
• Flight suites and flight helmets
• Survival safety kits and knives
• Flash lights and lamps